May 23 – Flying from Talkeetna, AK to Denali Exactly 24 hours after arriving in ‪Alaska‬ and just 4 days after summiting ‪Everest‬, I boarded Otter plane N727 for the ‪Denali‬ glacier. By 8AM this morning I was packed and ready to fly but it turned out to be a hurry-up-and-wait kind of day with


Reflections from Everest


Today I Summited Mt. Everest… A friend of mine wrote to me and pointed out that it was pretty rare one can open a blog post with that line, so guess I better take advantage of it. Truth be told it really has not sunk in for me at all. Since reaching the summit of


VIDEO: Summit of Mt. Everest

Colin w: Flag - Everest Summit

Just before midnight on May 18th Colin O’Brady and Passang Bhote left Camp 4 to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest. They were the last two climbers to clip onto the rope to climb up towards the summit. On May 19, 2016 at 7:45AM they made it to the summit of Mt. Everest! He


Today I Summited Mt. Everest

On the Geneva Spur on the way to Camp 4 - official summit photo still to come!

Today I summited Mt. Everest. Just one month after I arrived at the North Pole. I think it’s fair to say this was the most exhausting part of the entire project. Obviously the summit day was intense but it was just the cumulative week of two attempts, two windstorms, and having to stay at Camp


Everest Summit Day! (Last Updated: May 19, 6:05AM PST)

Colin at camp 4! Ready to reach the Everest summit.

Everest Summit Day Updates: We will be updating this blog post throughout the day as Colin climbs to the summit of Everest! Colin is 12 hours 45 minutes ahead of us, all times in this post are PST. Wishing him the best of luck!!!!! Track Colin LIVE here. Read Adventure Consultants Updates here. Read Alan


Winds Delay Climb to Camp 4, Colin Currently At Camp 3


May 16, 6PM PST Colin is at Camp 3 on ‪Everest‬. He made great time getting there, but is now stalled due to strong winds. This was forecasted and winds are expected to die down in the afternoon (it is currently Tuesday AM in Nepal). His tracker was not turned on from Camp 2 to


Departing for Camp 4 (Again) in A Few Hours, Onwards Towards the Everest Summit!

It’s all set – I’m leaving at 3AM tonight (2:15pm PST Monday, May 16th) from Camp 2 to attempt the summit of ‪Everest‬ for the second time this week. Hopefully this time we don’t get turned around in a windstorm! Here’s the plan: When we wake up in a few hours, Passang Bhote and I


Rest Day in Camp 2, Weather Window Opening on May 18th

Looking up at the last bit to the summit. from the South Col (Camp 4) the morning I was supposed to summit.  It looks and felt so close, it was devastating to turn around...but you can't fight Mother Nature.

Today was a full rest day back in Camp 2 after my first summit push. The positive news is that my body is feeling good. I’ve got a little wind burn on my left cheek and of course a few sore muscles as would be normal from the effort I put in, but my energy


Safely Back at Camp 2 After Turning Around at Camp 4 on Everest

It was certainly an emotional day for me today. I’m safe and sound back at Camp 2. This morning I woke up at Camp 4, tantalizingly close to the Everest summit. As Jenna and Marianna were able to share with you, Passang Bhote, Dawa Bhote, and I had to turn around due to weather. Very


VIDEO: Colin’s Blog From 26,524 ft at Camp 4 on Everest