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Sizzle Reel

TEDx Talk Portland 2017

Previous Speaking Engagements


“The Multnomah Athletic Club booked Colin O’Brady to speak at an event for our members. He is a class act. Colin’s talk was charismatic, humorous and inspirational. The club would recommend him as a speaker to any group. Our audience left entertained and inspired by his story and cause.” – Sybil Guggenheim, MAC Club Member Events Specialist

“Recent research shows that “Grit” is far more critical to success than raw intelligence or innate ability. Indeed, it has become one of the 2016 buzzwords with parents, educators and businesses all searching for ways to cultivate it in their children and employees. Colin O’Brady explores this topic in a fascinating multimedia presentation that details how he overcame a tragic accident that nearly left him crippled and went on to become a professional endurance athlete. The highlight was a gripping account of how he conquered the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” (climbing the highest peak on every continent and completing expeditions to the North and South Poles) in just 139 days, a world record. Along the way, he weaves in lessons about achieving goals, taking calculated risks, imbuing one’s life with meaning, and the importance of having a strong personal support system. Highly recommended for all audiences!” – Diane Schumaker-Krieg, Global Head of Research, Economics & Strategy Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

“We had the pleasure of having Colin O’Brady speak at our annual corporate meeting. His inspirational presenation should not be missed. Many of our attendees said that Colin’s presentation was the best motivational presentation they had ever attended.” – Jeanne Gossmann, Event Coordinator Chuck Latham Associates, Inc.

“Colin O’Brady is not only the greatest explorer of the 21st century, he’s one of the best examples of the strength of the human body and spirit. What he has achieved pushes the limits of what we think is possible. I had the pleasure of hearing Colin speak to a room of approximately 350 people. Colin had the audience captivated from the moment he took the stage. He was savvy enough to tailor his jaw- dropping story to our audience. Colin’s ambition, relentless determination, and his success despite the odds could potentially be offputting. He could be self-congratulatory or self-satisfied. He isn’t. He is deeply moving, humble, and makes every step of his remarkable journey relatable and inspiring. We took a survey of all the speakers at our conference and—hands down—Colin’s speech was the favorite by a landslide. The power of his presentation continues to move me and is one that would truly benefit any audience.” – Howell Wechsler, EdD, MPH Chief Executive Officer Alliance for a Healthier Generation

“Thank you for taking the time to speak at the Town Club. Your presentation has been the highlight of the season. Your accomplishments speak for themselves but your presentation brought those accomplishments to life and inspired us all.” – Kelly Kilkenny Hale, Senior Vice President RBC Wealth Management / Town Club organizer

“In my experience as the Executive Director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) at Johns Hopkins University, I’ve had the opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Colin brings a unique and compelling perspective and ranks among the very best speakers I’ve had the fortune to encounter. In his riveting, interactive hour-long talk our audience consumed his harrowing life experiences and world record achievements that reveal important reminders for our daily lives. His presentation is packed with illuminating anecdotes, engaging and beautiful media, and elements of surprise – you’ll be inspired and entertained. I can highly recommend Colin as an electrifying public speaker and encourage you to invite him to your event. You won’t be disappointed.” – Bruce Y. Lee, MD MBA, Executive Director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) 

Schools and Community Engagements

Experiences from Students, Staff, and School adminstrators

“On behalf of the Douglas County School District I would like to thank you. You have an incredible story to tell one of perserverance, resiliency, hard work, planning and love. You touched so many during your visits and I cannot thank you enough. I have had staff, principals and students reach out to me all week with genuine awe for what you have accomplished and gratitude for inspiring our school communities this week. The message you left us with was not for us to want to climb the highest peak, but for us to live life fully by setting seemingly impossible goals and then going for it.” – Kelli Smith, Principal Flagstone Elementary School 

“You inspired me to never quit.” – 4th Grader

“You inspired me to tears today. Thank you for encouraging me and my students to do great things for this world.” – 3rd Grade Teacher

“I’m so grateful I got to listen to Colin O’Brady’s story today! Just what I needed to keep pursuing my own Mt. Everest.” – Kindergarten support staff

“You taught me that I can do anything even when people tell me that I can’t do things, I will try them anyway.” – 5th Grader

“I need to get my Everest on Mrs. P. Can you show me where to find the books that will show me how to change the world?” – 2nd Grader

“Wow, just wow, what an incredible human.” – Principal

“It is with sincere admiration and appreciation that we thank you for gifting our students with your positive and worthwhile presentation. I will remind myself and my students to keep taking successful steps, one at a time, toward our individual goals. And that you showed that your achievement was benefitted with an amazing team effort. I truly believe your presentation touched our students in a most profound way, because you took the time to connect with them, showing them your dream and accomplishments, yet taking the time to value theirs as well.”  – Linda Ferris, PE Teacher